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Sunday, July 11 2021 - 2021 Mountain Running Updates
We are currently in the process of finalizing the selection criteria and national championship events for the 2021 season. The national championships will operate as the qualifying race for the 2021 World Mountain and Trail Running Championship in Thailand in mid-November. The national championships will be open to anyone.

We appreciate your patience given that there has been significant uncertainty this year due to the covid-19 pandemic. Based on recent public health updates, it appears that an in-person Canadian Mountain Running Championships in early September is feasible.

Our intention is to officially announce the selection criteria for Worlds including the selection race (or races) in the next week or two. Due to the short timeframe before the national championships, we are aiming to have a qualifying race in the west (Alberta or BC) and in central Canada (Ontario or Quebec). If only one selection race is possible, there will be additional 'at-large' selection spots to ensure that we have adequate representation from across Canada. Due to the dearth of in-person races in the last year, we understand that the selection process may be challenging but we will attempt to balance the criteria as best as possible to allow us to select the most competitive team.

Please note: Due to changes in the structure of the World Championships, the Canadian Mountain Running Association will no longer be selecting the long distance mountain running national team.

The Canadian Mountain Running Association, in cooperation with Athletics Canada, will be selecting only the following national teams:

Senior Men
Senior Women

Senior Men
Senior Women

Junior Boy
Junior Girl

The Association of Canadian Ultrarunners will select the national team for the 40km and 80km trail races at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships.

The NACAC Championships, originally scheduled to be hosted in Canada in 2021, have been postponed until 2022. Canada will host the 2022 event.

Thursday, November 4 2021 - UPDATE re: WORLDS (FURTHER POSTPONEMENT)
Saturday, October 30 2021 - Fast Climbs at the Canadian Vertical Uphill Mountain Running Championships
Wednesday, October 27 2021 - Declaration Deadline for National Team - Sunday, November 7, 2021
Wednesday, September 8 2021 - Canadian Vertical Uphill Mountain Running Championships postponed to **October 30, 2021**
Monday, September 6 2021 - Impressive Results from the Canadian Classic Up and Down Mountain Running Championships
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